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Getting about St Petersburg

They could be considering not buying a car and seeing when it comes can navigate around St. Petersburg on foot or by bicycle. This is crucial for retirees who foresee the day when they won’t be able to drive securely. The city scores 43 on average for walking, 33 on transportation, and 59 on biking. This shows that the general public transportation system is not very dependable,  yet a good number of errands may be completed on a bike.

Sustainability Is Priority One

St. Petersburg may not be the city for you who love fossil fuels & despise recycling. In 2017, the city switched to utilizing clean, renewable energy, earning it the title of Florida’s first green city. Community gardens, a program to reduce waste, tree and water conservation, and even sustainable building design are examples of what this entails in practice. Residents profit from the city’s policies and take pleasure in living in a cleaner, greener city. Homeowners can also take advantage of the various programs that are offered, such as help with installing solar electricity.

Even though St. Petersburg’s distinct Tampa were neighboring cities, there is no denying that they each have a unique structure and culture. St. Petersburg is primarily focused on beach life near resorts and is smaller. Compared to St. Petersburg, Tampa is bigger, more diversified, and generally has a more “big city” feel.

Tampa offers more alternatives for restaurants and activities, however, some people favor St. Petersburg because of the arts scene, brewery, and generally walkable layout. Young professionals are more likely to favor St. Petersburg. There aren’t as many brand restaurants in St. Pete as there are in Tampa, but the city has undoubtedly become a destination for foodies. Particularly in the downtown area, one may find little Italian markets, Mom & Pop companies, restaurants, and other establishments of that nature. St. Petersburg has far better nightlife than downtown Tampa, which is lacking in that department. Both St. Petersburg & Clearwater are great family vacation spots with beautiful beaches and entertaining things to do for both kids and adults. Go-karting and cruises are available,  but when it pertains to family-friendly activities, the city is most well-known for its seaside and amusement parks.