Congratulations to Professor David Widdowson!

On behalf of INCU, we congratulate the President of INCU and Professor David Widdowson, CEO of the Customs and Excise Tax Research Centre of Charles Sturt University. He received the Australian Day Honour on January 26, 2019 and became the Australian Director of the Order (AM) because he “Providing important services for higher education in the field of international trade and customs”.

The Australian Medal is a prestigious honor and award. The Australian Honor System is designed to recognize those who transcend everyday life and stand out in Australian society. Awards are held twice a year, Australia Day and Queen’s Birthday.

In 2019, Australia Day honors the appointment of various orders and honors to recognize and reward outstanding works by Australian citizens. The list was announced on January 26, 2019 by the Australian Governor Sir Peter Kosgrove. Professor David Widdowson is one of the 1127 Australians in many industries who were recognized at this year’s Australian Day Honor Ceremony.

Among the many national and international roles and awards, Professor Widdow is the winner of the 2008 Prime Minister’s Annual Exporter Education and Training Award.

He is the founder and current chairman of the International Customs University Network and the founder and current editor of the World Customs Journal. He is the Managing Director of the Asia Pacific Trustworthy Trade Alliance and represents the Customs and Excise Tax Research Center, an annual education and training exporter, ACT Chief Minister Export Award, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008.

Coincidentally, as you know, January 26 coincides with the International Customs Day, and Professor Widdowson today received an accreditation to provide important services for higher education in the international trade and customs fields.

On behalf of INCU, we congratulate Professor Widdowson on this well-deserved award.